Best Kanchivaram Silk Sarees Online - Only At Rasvriti

The word Kancheepuram,instantly reminds us of the rich cultural heritage and the history the place has, but most importantly, it reminds us of the handcrafted silk sarees the master weavers of the town are known for. And Rasvriti,connects you to that century old heritage through its weaves.

Kanchipuram is known as ‘The land of Silks,’ and rightfully so. The land has seen the craft of weaving flourish and create a mark in the world textile history for centuries now. Known to be the queen of silks, The finely woven silk saree adapted the name of the town, and is known for its expert craftsmanship and intricate design.

Kanchipuram Silk Sarees are an irreplaceable part of our culture and tradition. These sarees have seeped into our culture and in a way, have become a part of our cultural identity. The history of this drape traces centuries back, when reigns, rulers, and royalty prevailed. Such is the importance given to these silk sarees.Silk saree has not only been a staple drape but an important part of our culture and lifestyle. 

We,at Rasvriti, take upon us the responsibility to carry forward this tradition and craft.We have tried to curate the finest Kanchipuram pure silk sarees from the master craftsmen of Kanchi. Each saree is distinctive in its own way, each saree speaks volumes about the artisans' mastery over the craft and their lineage through its intricate weaves, design, and resplendent colors. Each drape is mesmerizing and ethereal and classic. 

The traditional Kanjivaram sarees is woven in three parts, pallu,body and border. The master craftsmen experiment with their weaving styles and designs in the body, border and in the pallu to create new ways of weaving the silk sarees.We can often find Peacocks, parrots,yalis and swans intricately woven on the sarees,they are the reflections of the nature and culture the weavers try to exhibit through their weaves.

One such innovation that became a classic design is the borderless kanjivaram saree.As the design suggest the saree is woven without a border,with a consistent flow. A perfect blend of contemporary aesthetics and traditional weaves and motifs, the borderless kanchipuram became a real classic through the test of time.

Be it the majestic Yali or the graceful mayil, kanjivarams sarees for wedding have always narrated tales about our culture and traditions through their motifs and weaves. At Rasvriti, we’ve tried to curate the best of these unique weaves from the master weavers who have protected and preserved culture for decades now.

Rasvriti, is just not about sarees, it is about venerating culture and tradition and carrying on the legacy through every yarn that's woven. Be it a korvai Kanjivaram sarees or a contemporary Bridal silk sarees, Rasvriti has a treasure trove and something in store for everyone who is love with the drape.