Tale of the Aadi Saree


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Tale of the Aadi Saree

The month of Aadi is ushered in with a great deal of reverence and piety in the state of Tamil Nadu. The divine feminine or “Shakti” is at the helm of affairs during this month. Shakti is the feminine godhead symbolizing the primal energy out of which, this visible universe and the natural invisible undercurrent operating it are born. It is the traditional belief of the people that this powerhouse of energy manifests itself in the month of Aadi. So, it’s celebrations galore at all Shakti temples during this month. There are special feasts, fasts, formal rituals, and fun-filled festivities to mark the Aadi month. And to the avid saree shopper, this is a buffet full of options.

The Significance of Aadi

Aadi (mid-July to mid-August) marks the beginning of the Dakshinayana Punya Kalam meaning the movement of the Sun to the south of the equator, mythically believed to be the nighttime of the Devas (angelic beings). During this time of the year, the sun’s position in the earth’s sky is conducive and favourable for the germination of seeds and hence the saying goes “Aadi Pattam Thedi Vidhai” (the best month for sowing seeds). There is also bountiful rain from the southwest monsoon around this time, thereby setting the base for a bountiful harvest. So, this is the time for hard work, perseverance, and prayers for the farmer, on whom the whole world is dependent for food and nourishment. And Mother Divine is the giver of this greatest gift of life, so the entire month is dedicated to prayers and self-reflection.

Celebration Days

What is a celebration without women in stunning sarees? Women adorn themselves in resplendent sarees on all the celebration days in the Aadi month. These days are:

  • Aadi Pirappu: The first day of Aadi
  • Aadi Pooram: The birthday of the deity Aandaal
  • Aadi Krithigai: Lord Muruga’s special day
  • Aadi Perukku: The day when the rivers overflow as part of the annual refresh of their waters
  • Aadi Velli: All Fridays in Aadi. On these days, Shakti is celebrated with pomp and splendour, and crowds of beautiful women clad in silks of every hue visit temples.

The Aadi Highlight for South Indian Women

Aadi is the month of ringing out the old and ringing in the new. The most straightforward items at home for this process? Clothing, viz-a-viz, sarees, of course! Sarees form a central part of the Aadi equation. For reversing the goddess Sakthi, you have to dress the part – an eye-candy Kanchipuram silk sarees with checks, silvers, or a borderless design. For South Indian women, the 6-yard masterpiece forms a powerful connection with the almighty and when one drapes it on, the austerity mood sets in and stays until the prayers are over.

Women make the best of this opportunity to do a wardrobe refresh; the best time to visit places like Rasvriti and be wowed by an entire collection of Kanchipurams, Banarasi silk sarees, Tussar silk sarees, Chiffons, Organzas, Pochampallis, and a slew of others at great prices. One can also plan mega shopping for the entire year’s festivals like Navratri and Diwali during the Aadi discount period.

Aadi at Rasvriti

This month, delve into the lush Rasvriti experience to have a look at the magical sarees in the Aadi basket. The range and riot of colours are phenomenal. Gorgeous Kanchipuram pure silk sarees in their silky smoothness and luscious softness will take your breath away. The absolute finesse which goes into the weave of every saree is proof of the weaver’s skill and deft hand. Bring home a Rasvriti saree this Aadi and bask in its ultimate luxury; also preserve it as an heirloom for your dear ones.